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3 Key Considerations for Hosting Live Music At Your Venue

3 Key Considerations for Hosting Live Music At Your Venue

Live music is a draw. There is no shortage of people that love live music in Toronto, and many plan their night around it. There is something about a live band that adds to the allure of a venue, whether it’s a pub, or even a museum, corporate event, gallery opening or any other type of celebration.

If you are thinking about adding a live band to your venue's entertainment line-up, there is no need to be concerned. The benefits significantly outweigh the potential drawbacks. Live music attracts more people, enhances your venue's atmosphere, allows you to offer new experiences to your patrons, and from a business perspective, it can help add to your bottom line!

When planning to host a live band in Toronto, there are a number of key things you will need to factor in to ensure you create a great atmosphere, without alienating the true nature of your establishment:

1. Spacing and logistics

If your venue doesn’t have a stage, that’s okay. The key is to assess the space you have to work with to ensure there is enough room for the band to play without sacrificing too much space for your patrons to enjoy the live music. Where does it make sense to have the band play? Should your patrons sit or stand? Do you have sufficient lighting and electrical outlets? These are all logistical questions you need to think about when planning live music in Toronto.

2. The band and music

Choosing a band to play live in your venue is not something you should take lightly. It’s important to choose a live band that is experienced, can play a diverse collection of music, and most importantly, will be appealing to your clientele. While adding live music to your entertainment line up will help attract new people to your venue, you don’t want to alienate your regulars.

When booking bands, it’s important that you feel comfortable with the artist. Check out their music, talk to previous venues that have hosted them and make sure you get the agreement in writing.

3. Marketing live music

The key to getting people to come see live music in Toronto is to market it right. Once you have confirmed all the details (dates, times, etc.) work with the live band to market the shows. Most bands have media kits, photos, and other promotional materials that you can use to help promote the shows. Make sure to market the show at your venue, through your social media channels, and through local media coverage, if possible.

Live music in Toronto is one of the best ways to expand the appeal of your venue, attract new patrons and grow your business.

If you are exploring your options for live music in Toronto, Contact The Marc Joseph Band to learn more about our live band.

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