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Ando Melo lets Jonathan play his guitar Ando Melo lets Jonathan play his guitar

The 5 Benefits of Booking a Live Wedding Band in Toronto

Music plays a large role in wedding planning for many couples. It can make or break the wedding reception, and it will set the tone for the evening. Everyone wants to hear their favorite songs as they celebrate on the dance floor with their family and friends, and a live wedding band in Toronto is one of the best ways to celebrate your marriage.

Here are some benefits to booking a live wedding band for your upcoming wedding

1. The dynamic of a live performance: A wedding band is always worth considering as there is a huge difference between hearing a song on the radio and hearing it live. Any live wedding band will offer the dynamic of a live performance but The Marc Joseph Band will deliver that performance with a passion that only 8 years of comradery can achieve. Having MJB at your wedding reception as your live wedding band, you will not only enjoy live music, you and all your guests will feel the energy. Even if some of your guests are not into a particular genre, being a diverse live band, we can engage with anyone so that everyone can still appreciate the live music.

2. Audio and Visual entertainment: A live wedding band not only provides you with music, they also provide you with visual entertainment. We've partnered up with Showworks Inc; the best of best in this department, with numerous awards for best lighting in Canada. The visual effects alone will captivate your guests and guarantee an exciting band performance. A live band will add a whole other dimension to your wedding reception party.

3. The band can double as your wedding emcee: Another convenient benefit of a wedding band is that they can also act as your emcee for the evening. This helps to simplify things logistically, and having someone with experience in front of a crowd and keeping things on track is a great thing to have.

4. We will engage the audience: Wedding bands are great at capturing the attention of your guests to get them more engaged in the celebration. We at MJB specialize in this area with numerous off the cuff ideas to create a unique and memorable experience. We bring a personable and unique performance to every show which encourages people to get up and dance, have fun and join the party

5. Live bands are unique: Every band has their performance, sound, style and energy. No two bands will be the same and we strive everyday to stay unique in this aspect. Playing as often as we do with the same original members gives us the flexibility to change things on the fly based on how the evening is going. Take requests, read the audience and play a variety of crowd pleasers that will get all of your guests engaged in the evening.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing a live wedding band in Toronto.

Book Us as Your Toronto Wedding Band

If you are planning a wedding in Toronto and are looking for an energetic and captivating live wedding band for your reception, contact us to set up a meeting.

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