Breathe Album Cover Breathe Album Cover

Original CD a Hit with Fans

The Hard Rock Café called. It's looking for its roof.

The Marc Joseph Band blew it up Saturday night with a chartbusting concert that showcased its original music to diehard fans who erupted at the first chord and kept the joint jumping until the final note of the night. The months of crazy hours, exhaustive studio sessions and too many "is it pizza or subs for dinner?" nights while completing the first album all manifested into pure onstage intensity and an outpouring of fan appreciation.

Frontman Marc Joseph led the love-in with his electric moves and signature hair tosses, anointing fans with precious beads of hard-earned sweat. Opening with the title song, Breathe, fans surprised the band by joining in the chorus, "Sometimes I feel like running away from it all." But no one was giving up any real estate in front of this stage, this night. They were holding on to every inch of their location, location, location. Moving to a slower burn with their second song, Flower in a Box followed by City Lights (a sure-fire hit), the band then fire bombed the senses with the epic, Man of Steel, a Formula 1 thunder alley rush.

They closed out the first set with Reckless, the Canadian party equivalent to Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night, sans any Peas and quiet. Fair warning: it won't be long before university and college kids get in touch with their inner sh_t-disturber kicking it to Reckless, beer in hand and rebel in heart. "What?" They'll say, blaming their randomness on the Marc Joseph Band's lyrical permission to tear it up. Parents, get the bail money ready.

The whole concert experience had the wow factor. A great stage lighting system upgraded the show's presentation while elbow wars at the band's merchandise tables gave an authentic rock concert feel in between sets. Fans in attendance were all treated to a free copy of the Breathe CD, a generous offer enthusiastically accepted – some would say hoarded – by fans.

Rounding out the intensity on stage was Dave Meffe on drums, Andy Melo on lead guitar, Dave Ongena on bass and Alyssa Delurey as female lead singer. They all hit their marks Saturday night and have it in them to deliver consistently as venues and demand for their performances grow. The band's second set of popular covers kept the dance floor hopping reminding everyone that this band's talent can now fill the big stage.

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