MusicLynk Magazine Interview

MusicLynk Magazine Interview

When it comes to hard-working bands a few names might pop into mind, but one of the hardest working bands I have met in a while has to be The Marc Joseph Band. Marc Joseph started off as a solo musician running an open mic night in Brampton and over the last 4 or 5 years the band has formed from the chance meeting of these very talented musicians who just happened to show up to play. Having now been a band officially for just over 4 years The Marc Joseph Band has made great leaps in their music, live show, professionalism and of course their enormous fan following who truly love the whole band as people as well as musicians. Marc Joseph took some time to talk with me about their new CD Breathe that is available now.

MLM: When did you decide to start working on this album?

MJB: Once the band was fully formed we started by playing cover tunes at a lot of local bars. We were fortunate that when we started playing some original tunes people really enjoyed it and we began to play originals more often. Our team very quickly grew from the 5 members to a whole crew of people helping to promote us and within a years time we were in the studio.

MLM: Tell us about the album?

MJB: The album was recorded with Alexander Sascha Tukatsch the former drummer from Platinum Blonde and was mixed and mastered by Richard Chycki who has done work with Aerosmith, Seal, Rush and Prince just to name a few. After spending a boat load of money we had our album and released it at The Hard Rock to a crowd of over 450 people.

MLM: With regard to the “boat load of money” you spent on the album, was that from your pocket or are you signed with a label?

MJB: No, unfortunately we are not signed to a label. We have been fronting pretty much everything on our own. We have great people around us and we are very clever in terms of marketing and figuring out how to make money with very little. I mean we also did give away $5000 at out CD release at the Hard Rock, and a real person won it (he laughs).

MLM: Wow, that’s very generous.

MJB: Ya, we put up the money for the prize and we gave away a free show to charity which is something we were happy to do and we try to do as much as possible. We are conscious about saying thank you to the people who support us. We are happy to have the ability to give back.

MLM: All of your web content looks great and is all top-notch. How important has that professionalism been to your success?

MJB: It’s one of the biggest pieces to our success. We don’t want to be pretentious by wearing a suit and tie when we meet with clients, but I think it’s just setting the parameters and making sure that you have a structure. It’s very important to our professionalism to know what your mission is every night and to have a game plan to say “this is what is going to bring me to my success”. If I am going to be talking to a business owner at the end of the night do I want to be able to count my money or am I going to be too drunk? Or if someone see’s me on stage, do they want to hear me swearing and yelling? We have a message we are putting out there and its to love each other and to continue uniting as people no matter who you are. Our professionalism is what people love about us and that helps us get our message out there.

MLM: That seems like good advice for other local bands.

MJB: Ya, we call it the added value or wow factor, its what separates us from other bands. We don’t just get up on stage and go through the motions, we entertain the crowd, we engage the staff, we engage the people and we engage the energy there. We have the platform to do that and a lot of people forget that when you’re up on stage you have that power to step up and say “hey, this is how we’re gonna choose to use this power” we’re going to make the night a great event so that everybody leaves happy and friendly and speak about it for days to come. That’s the kind of thing that some bands forget .

Whatever The Marc Joseph Band is doing to gain exposure and success it’s working for them. It’s very apparent from the great showing at their CD release party and the 150 plus shows they perform every year. This is a band that is out to make something special happen and they’re not slowing down for anyone. If you want to see and hear more of The Marc Joseph Band you can find them at the following links.


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