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Stache for Cash 2012

THANK YOU ALL for your support at this year's Stache for Cash!

The Marc Joseph Band is proud to support the Movember movement and therefore will continue accepting donations.

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Because Mo help is needed to find a cure for prostate cancer.

The man's disease

Too often men avoid looking below the belt when it comes to considering personal health risks. While no one has actually ever died of embarrassment, 4,000 Canadian men lost their fight against prostate cancer last year. In Canada, every day 73 of our brothers, fathers, husbands and uncles are diagnosed with prostate cancer and 11 of them, every single day, die from it.

That’s why we are putting a face to the disease. We're getting behind the Movember movement, growing a mustache and showing the world we are part of the race against the clock to find a cure for prostate cancer.

'Stache for Cash' – A Movember to Remember

We are Mo bros and Mo sistas committed to finding a cure and saving thousands of Canadians lives every year. Held at Toronto’s notorious Alleycatz, ‘Stache for Cash is a gala concert event that celebrates hope and brings people together with the common goal of having fun, with purpose.

Toronto’s most popular band, The Marc Joseph Band headlines this event. With an enviable fan following, the Marc Joseph Band will bring together 250+ fans that will enjoy a spectacular evening of music and celebration in support of this worthwhile cause.

The evening will culminate with a cheque presentation to Movember Canada and Prostate Cancer Canada – the amount of which is dependent on the support of your organization and others like yours, who believe, as we do, there can be a future without prostate cancer in our lifetime.

Event theme

Movember heightens awareness of prostate cancer by inviting men to grow a mustache to show their support for finding a cure. Millions of men all over the globe participate by putting their best facial follicles forward. From Fu Manchu to Tom Selleck and from Yosemite Sam to handlebars, every mustache tells a story about the man sporting it. And this November, every mustache will be a billboard for hope.

We are encouraging men to grow a ‘stache for cash and will feature an upper lip fashion show, awarding a prize for the best mustache in a couple of categories. We recognize that women too will want to be part of the hair-and-fundraising fun, so will offer guest ‘staches for the evening.

An on-site photo booth will capture the Mo-ment, with guests proud to show others they care about men’s health.


The Marc Joseph Band attracts fans of all ages, both men and women, and on this night, fans will be happy to come out in support of this cause. Because Alleycatz is located in downtown Toronto near the hip Yonge & Eglinton area, we are targeting young, urban professionals 25 to 45 years of age. Because of the focus on prostate cancer, the event will appeal primarily to men and secondly to women who want to support men’s health.

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