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A new standard in live event entertainment!

There are literally thousands of bands within the GTA, and of those only a handful rise to the Corporate and Wedding level. It takes years to build your brand, investing countless hours into marketing, promoting, online presence, SEO, Networking, and many bands struggle just to keep up with competing bands. Still, there will always be a few front runners setting the standard which all of their competition must now meet or risk being knocked down a tier or two in the grand scheme of things.

At The Marc Joseph Band, everyone pours their hearts and souls into everything they do and it shows. They have led the charge and set the standards for Corporate and Wedding Entertainment and very few bands have been able to keep up with MJB. Every single aspect of a band (Photos, Videos, Stage Presence, Production, Band Website, Sound, Song List Variety) must be professional and representative of the services you provide. MJB works hard every day to earn and maintain their 5 star rating on Event Source, Wedding Wire and Google Plus, and although they are proud of this accolade, what sets The Marc Joseph Band apart from everyone else is their dedication and drive to exceed expectations at every opportunity.

MJB knew that “Raising The Bar” was inevitable, and they’ve never been the type of band to be satisfied with just keeping up with the pack, we prefer the view from the front. To that end, they embarked on a mission to produce a new promotional video to accurately showcase their energy and stage presence. You are cordially invited to experience the NEW STANDARD for live entertainment, and explore the NEW OPTIONS The Marc Joseph Band offers.

They’ve taken the time to hand select incredible musicians, who may be added to the core 4 piece band allowing you to select exactly what you want. You can add a female vocalist, keyboards, horn section, string section, DJ, additional percussion and more! The options are literally endless.

MJB approached production with the same attention to detail allowing you to choose from a massive array of production options including: room lighting, various stage lighting and sound packages, projector screens, video walls, and so much more.

Live entertainment will never be the same! Contact The Marc Joseph Band today to discuss how they can put the WOW factor into your event!

On behalf of MJB we welcome you to the new live entertainment standard, enjoy the view!


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Raising the bar in live event entertainment!

The Marc Joseph Band pours their hearts and souls into everything they do and have been leading the charge and setting the standards for Corporate and Wedding Entertainment. MJB works hard every day to maintain their 5 star rating on Event Source, Wedding Wire and Google Plus, and although this accolade is impressive, what sets The Marc Joseph Band apart from everyone else is their dedication and drive to exceed expectations.

MJB now offers an expandable band from 4-14 pieces smashing virtually every genre with a little dash of lighting in a bottle.

Experience a new standard in live entertainment on March 7, 2016 at

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Canada's Marc Joseph Band launches summer blockbuster EP

Canada’s music scene heats up this summer as the Marc Joseph Band prepares to launch its blockbuster EP, Breathe, July 28. While this is the first all-original EP, this high octane band is well known and revered for its interpretation of covers, surprising fans by infusing R& B beats to rock classics and Latin accents to contemporary Top 40 hits.

Fans can definitely believe the hype as the Marc Joseph Band dials up excitement in anticipation of Breathe, a sure-footed creative leap forward for the ethno-Canadian band that never fails to deliver. The EP’s line up boasts the band’s incredible breadth of talent. Songs span a diverse musical landscape, moving effortlessly between sentimental love songs and heart pounding rock.

Its title song, Breathe, is a sure-fire hit, with a memorable chorus and beat; City Lights is an upbeat love ballad with great, unexpected hooks; Man of Steel is summer’s “windows-rolled-down-fist pumping” driving beat; Seasons ventures back to love with a delicate cello accompaniment and Wretched spews sheer epic rock. What a ride!

Production value of Breathe skyrockets thanks to Alexander “Sascha” Tukatsch, of Platinum Blonde fame, who is executive producer and recording engineer for the EP. Tukatsch teamed up with mix and mastering legend Richard Chycki, best known for his work with Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, Rush and Simple Plan, to produce this summer’s unrivalled Can-con for radio and downloads.

"They do music their way," says Tukatsch.

They've got special talent and a real positive vibe. I want to see them go for it and I'll be there to help in whatever way I can. These guys are hard working, talented and I believe in them. Canadian music fans are going to love them.

The Marc Joseph Band members: Dave Meffe on drums; Andy Melo on lead guitar; Dave Ongena on bass and Marc Joseph on vocals and guitar are drum-tight musically, vocally and spiritually. Alyssa Delurey belts out background vocals and is well used in spotlight moments.

The EP navigates life’s incredible journey and stares down the obstacles that can get in the way of your own success,

says Marc Joseph who wrote all but one of the songs on Breathe.

It’s an honest, raw look at life without the sugar, without the pretty package. It’s about maintaining your character through adversity, while bobbing and weaving some of life’s sucker punches.

While the full EP won't be released until the fall, its title song, Breathe will be available July 28 through major online retailers including iTunes or through the band's website at This is one fan who can't wait!

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